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  1. 定下製作項目,簡單了解設計方向,進行報價

  2. 確認報價,詳細洽談製作內容 ​。先付80℅ 訂金之客戶可獲優先處理 

  3. 資料齊全後,7個工作天內寄出初稿 確定設計方向 

  4. 核對稿件 

  5. 確認印刷 

  6. 繳付餘下款項 

  7. 安排送貨 

  1. Decide the design items and briefly consult with us about the design theme and quotation 

  2. Confirm the quotation and have a consultation for designing detailsClients who pay 80% deposit will be prioritized 

  3. After collecting all the necessary information, first draft will be sent out within 7 working days. Confirm the design theme and style 

  4. Check the drafts

  5. Confirm printing 

  6. Pay the rest of the payment 

  7. Delivery 

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